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St Louis Contractors

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Welcome to St Louis' best website to search for St Louis area contractors! Here, not only will you find a complete listing of St Louis Contractors by specialty, you will also find information on how to select a contractor, what to look for in a contractor as well.

The first place to start is to decide what type of contractor you need. Depending on the size and type of project you are looking to complete, you may need just need a handy man or a specialty contractor but for larger projects will need a general contractor,architect or design/build contractor.

Most people are familiar with the work a handy man does, basically a little of everything on a small and limited scale. A specialty contractor would be a contractor that focuses on one trade or component, such as a HVAC contractor, plumber, electrician, kitchen remodeler,etc. A general contractor is one that would oversee the entire project, be responsible for hiring and supervising sub-contractors, ordering materials, obtaining permits and inspections and basically to see the project from start to finish. A design-build contractor would also handle the architectural aspects of the project such as design and preparation of building plans.

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